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No more embarrassing excuses because you can’t find the key and no more expensive key replacement. You’ll always know where every key is and who has it. Here’s how it works:

Every key in the KeyLock cabinet is securely locked into a numbered port and can’t be removed without an Access peg. When someone you authorize wants a key, all they have to do is insert their personalized Access peg into the port next to the key they want to remove. Then they simply rotate their Access peg to the left while pulling out the key they want to remove. Their access peg can’t be removed until they return the key they removed to the same port they took it from and then they rotate their Access peg to the right which locks the key they took back in place. Then, they remove their access peg. If someone wants the key they removed during the time it is gone, they’ll know who has it because their Access peg has their name on it. This simple and effective system means that you’ll always know who has the keys and everyone will know who is responsible for the key until it’s returned.

Mechanical Key Control Solutions

Dealership & Multi-Family

The Key Control Solutions mechanical key control system will help you manage and control your keys with a minimum of effort and expense. Our mechanical key control system is the least expensive key control system there is. Additionally, there’s no expensive Support Contracts to pay. If you want affordable key control, our key control system is just what you’ve been looking for.

You can track as few as 10 keys to thousands of keys.

Additionally, you can control License Plates as well.