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The KeyBank allows any user with access to open the cabinet the ability to remove any key without restriction however they are assigned any key they remove and it generates an alarm so you are notified they took the key.

They KeyWatcher or KeyBank can send a text or email alert if keys aren’t returned when they should be. This is a feature you will learn to love.

KeyWatcher key control systems are more expensive per key controlled and there are only 16 keys per module versus 20 per module with a KeyBank (each cabinet can hold 6 modules).

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We’re very proud of our thick steel cabinets which are completely self-contained and include an internal uninterruptable battery backup which can’t be unplugged. This means your system can operate up to 48 hours without power. Other systems can be easily unplugged when the drawer or door is open which may result in improper reporting of who took the key. Our self-contained power and network connections are a critical feature if you want accurate and timely reporting.

We have two types of systems; the KeyWatcher which locks each individual key into the slots in the cabinet and the KeyBank which allows any authorized user to remove keys from any slot. They both have locking doors and only authorized users can open the cabinet.

The KeyWatcher mechanically locks each individual key into the cabinet and specific keys can be restricted to certain users and can’t be removed. When an authorized user removes a key they are automatically assigned that key until they return it with a KeyBank or KeyWatcher.

Electronic Key Control Solutions

The Morse Watchman electronic key control system lets you know who took the key, when they took the key, how long they had the key and when they returned the key. You can also stop certain users from taking specific keys you don’t want them to have.

With a Morse Watchman electronic key control system you can control as many keys as you need because of the modular design. All you have to do is add cabinets or modules inside each cabinet. Our system can be stand alone or added to your network. That means you can access your key control system from anywhere inside your network or from any of your PC’s. Reports can be printed on your network printers.

You’ll always have a complete audit trail of every key that was used and anyone who used them. If you need to know who had the key last Tuesday between the hours of 1:00 am and 3:00 am, you’ll have that information at your fingertips.